Getting My Butt Tore Up for a Bunch of Things

I woke up this morning with it standing up.   Mommy put me in the corner to let me think about it and then bent me over and whipped my little butt to remind me what a real spanking feels like so I’ll learn not to have naughty thoughts when I am thinking about my spankings.

Once I calmed down we started talking about my chores and I said they were done but forgot I still needed to vacuum.   So I messed up and lied to my mommy again.  I spoke right away when mommy asked instead of thinking about what I wanted to say.  Mommy wet my bottom, pulled me over her lap and whipped my butt hard for lying to her.   Then I got my naughty butt stood in the corner.

After my nap me and mommy were talking and we decided I needed to be reminded of what I had coming to tonight because I’ve been so bad.   She took the rag, wet my bottom, bent me over and wore my butt out.  She stopped and I thought it was over when she asked me if I was going to learn to behave….I answered and she bent me back over and spanked me some more.   When she was done, I’m supposed to make my bed but I forgot, so she immediately bent my butt back over and tore it up again.


I was a very bad little boy today and mommy made sure that I will be sitting on a sore bottom all week.  My bottom is welted up and I learned my lesson.

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Being bad with out my mommies supervision

It’s been awhile since I had time to talk to  mommy about anything.   I’ve been real busy and so has she but it finally caught up to me when we talked this morning.  She had found out that I was not always doing my chores and was having naughty thoughts about spankings again.

While we were talking mommy made me feel real ashamed as she purposely got me excited while talking about how she was going to spank my butt that evening.   Mommy wanted me to suffer all day thinking about my punishment to come.  She told me she was going to blister my butt till I could not sit among a few other remarks that made me feel naughty inside.


When I got home, I pulled my pants down and bared my butt like little boys are supposed to do in my house.   I hurried up and did my chores, or most of them and went and found mommy.   I told her my chores were done, not relizing I was lying to my mommy.  She quickly found out as she asked me some questions.   So not only was I going to get a my butt spanked for being bad for the last three week, now i was going to get it tore up for lying and not doing my chores.

Mommy whipped my butt all afternoon and evening, every so often making me sit and think about how bad I am.   She made me wet my bottom and bend over the bed and I got whipped iwth the belt over and over again until I can hardly sit.

Mommy also smacked me across my face alot.   I was a very bad boy and I know better.  I will learn to behave and mind my mommy.   When we dont have time to talk to each other, I will do as I’m supposed to.  This is why I need my mommy because I’m still a little boy who needs supervision and to be reminded of how to behave.   My mommy reminds me all the time with the belt across my bare butt.

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What happens to bad little boys who lie.

What happens to bad little boys who lie.


Today I lied to my mommy.   I told her my chores were done when I forgot that I had laundry still to do.   Mommy showed me exactly what happens to little boys who lie.  Mommy spanked my butt until I could not take any more.


I should not lie to my mommy.   She is very nice and loves me and it’s very disrespectful for me to lie to her when she cares so much about me.  This is why she spanked me so long and hard.   My bottom was burning so bad and still is an hour later.  Mommy made me wash my mouth out with soap to help remind me not to lie again.  It tasted very icky and I felt very small .

I will not lie again or I know what will happen.  Good little boys tells their mommies the truth because its only get worse when I lie.   I was a very bad little boy and I learned a good lesson from my mommy today.

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New picture I was told to post to show how bad I’ve been.

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Essay: Why I’m bad.

I’m a very bad little boy who needs him mommy to spank my bare bottom to learn how to behave.  I’m a bad boy because sometimes I don’t listen, I forget and I don’t think but most of all I have naughty thoughts when thinking about my spankings.  I get excited when mommy talks about spanking my butt.   Mommy knows this and test me so I’ll learn to not have them.  Mommy calls me a bad little boy and talks about whipping my little butt and normally that makes it stand up.  When that happens mommy bends me over and spanks me with a belt or switch until she feels I’ve learned my lesson.
I know little boys are not supposed to get excited and should not when being scolded or punished.  Its hard when mommy talks about spanking to not think about being bent over and having my bare butt spanked hard until I’m crying, screaming and kicking.   I’m a bad boy for thinking of these things this way as spankings are supposed to be for me to learn and not to be naughty.  Little boys who have these thoughts and actions deserve to get their bottoms spanked hard.
I try my best to learn my lesson but since I’ve been away from mommy I’ve gotten into bad habits and they have to be corrected and its going to take a long time and and a lot of spankings.   I’m a three year old little boy who needs his mommys supervision to behave and that means getting my bottom spanked when needed, which is a lot with me.
Mommy wants me to be a big boy and a good boy and I try really hard but needs lots of attention on my bottom.   Mommy loves me and that’s why she had to makes sure I’m punished and taught my place.  My place is a three year old little boy who has to keep his bottom bare all the time so mommy can keep an eye on me and my bad habit.  Its to remind me of how bad I am and how I don’t deserve big boy pants.  It will be this way until I learn to be a good boy.
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What makes me excited and how I’ve behaved that last three days.

I’ve been a very, very bad little boy the past three days.   Most of the trouble I’ve been in has to do with me getting excited when mommy talks about how she will be spanking my butt and how much of a bad little boy I am.  Mommy does not tolerate this and every single time I’m bent over the sofa and I get my butt whipped.   Since every time it stands up, mommy sees it since I’m 3 years old and I’m kept bare butt. It is very, very embarrassing, especially when she makes me play with it in front of her.
What makes me excited is when mommy calls my butt little, reminding me of being a little boy who still gets his bare bottom spanked by his mommy.   I also get excited when mommy refers to my bottom as “ass”.   When mommy says she is going to “bend me over and tear my little ass up with the switch or belt” or how she is going to “whip my little ass until  its red all over, like the bad little boy I am” or how she is “going to wear my ass out” it makes my privates stand straight up.  Sometimes I get excited at other things like when she talks about how much I deserve to get spankings or get reminded of being bare butt or how much a bad little boy I am.   Even though I get excited I do not like getting spanked because it hurts and I know mommy get very disappointed in me.  I’m very ashamed that mommy knows that I get excited thinking or hearing about spankings.  I’m embarrassed every time mommy makes me play with it or when I have to stand up for her to see it.  While its embarrassing I also get my butt whipped until I’m crying like a baby and it no longer stands up.   Mommy is going to teach me not to be a bad little boy when she talks about whipping my little butt.
The last three days I’ve gotten several spankings, mostly for being naughty when she’s been testing me or talking about what I’m going to get if I misbehave.   On the first day I got my butt tore up for forgetting to be bare butt.  I got my butt whipped with a switch and belt four other times not including my bed time spanking which I get if I have to be spanked more than once in day.  Mommy made me play with it a few times too to make me feel ashamed of myself, which I did.   I had to sit on the floor and play with it while she watched, knowing that she knew why it was standing up and that she was going to spank me when I was done embarrassing my self.  It was very very embarrassing.
On the second day she wore my butt out six or seven times because it kept standing up while she was testing me several times which meant I had to play with it infront of her then bend over and get my spanking.  After every spanking mommy makes me sit flat so I feel it and reminded of how bad I am.
Today mommy was talking about how she tore my “ass” up last night and it made it stand up so I had to get another spanking after she called me over and smacked me across her face with it sticking straight out at her.  I got two spankings today and a bed spanking to which she spanked my little butt hard with the belt and switch.
I am not going learn to change how I think about spankings.  It is not appropriate for a little boy to have his thing stand up much less it standing up when talking or thinking about getting a spanking.  Mommy is going to keep spanking my bottom until I learn this lesson.  I have t o learn that szpankinngs are for my punishment and to teach me and not to make me excited and mommy will keep spanking my bare butt until I learn to behave like a big boy.
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Journal Entry: October 17, 2012 – October 18, 2012

Journal Entry:

October 17, 2012

I did not finish all my chores first thing when coming home from work.  When momma found out she was disappointed and decided to punish me by whipping my bare butt with the belt for an hour.

I know better than not to finish my chores first thing and was punished severely.   When momma was done spanking me, she told me to sit my naughty butt on the floor.  I felt my bottom burning as I squirmed on the floor.

Momma had warned me if I misbehaved, this would happen.   As I was sitting there crying she asked if I understood why I got my ass tore up.   As I nodded my head she slapped me across my face and told me not to let it happen again and told me to bend back over for my bed time spanking.

She picked up the switch and whipped my butt hard.  When done, she pulled me by the ear and took me to bed, telling me to get my ass in bed and not to get out while slapping my face again.

I rolled over and cried my self to sleep.  I woke up the next morning with my bottom hurting like it was burned reminding me of the spanking I got the previous night and telling my self I better behave.

Everything went well the whole day and I tried my best to behave…all the way up to my reminder spanking that night before bed.   During the day momma warned me that she would whip my butt for two hours if I misbehaved.

When it was time for my reminder spanking, momma had me wet my bottom then bend over and I squirmed a bit waiting for her to whip me with the switch.  With every hard swat, I wiggled my bottom and twisted my legs as it hurt so bad.   When she was done she had me sit down and I did so forgetting to make my bed.

She asked me about making my bed and I relized what I had done, she quickly told me what I was in for and had me bend over telling me I was about to get my ass whipped for two hours.   I was scared and put my hands on my behind and pleaded with mommy by saying “no mommy please”.

Mommy does not tolerate me saying not when I’m told to do something.   She smacked me in the face and told be to bend my ass back over.  She whipped my bare butt with the switch for about 30 minutes before telling me to sit.  At this point, I had a function for work and had to leave but momma warned me that it was not over and I will be getting the rest of it tomorrow and I’d be getting worse.

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